Vice – President of Sovereignty Council Addresses Signing of Framework Agreement

Vice – President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, pointed out that the signing of the political framework agreement marks advent of a new and great stage in the history of the Sudanese state.
Addressing the celebration marking the signing of the framework political agreement on Monday at the Republican Palace, Gen. Daglo  stated that the agreement’s signing is hoped to end the current political crisis and prepare for a new transitional period in which the mistakes that accompanied the previous period will be avoided.
He said that since the beginning of the transitional period in August 2019, there have been differences between the components of the transition, and wrong political practices which have led to what happened on October 25, which is also a political mistake that opened the door for the return of the counter revolution forces.
Gen. Daglo stated that the signed agreement is a preliminary and essential step to address the political mistakes, address the imbalances in the state, and build a state of social justice, good governance, sustainable peace, and democracy, adding that to achieve these goals there shall be: First: Acknowledgment and apology from all of us for the state’s violence and mistakes towards societies across various historical eras, which have squandered opportunities for the national building, achieving peace, development, unity and benefiting from the diversity, affirming that importance of justice and the transitional justice to end the grievances and building a healthy and tolerant society. He said that the Second Step is:  the withdrawal of the military institution from politics, a matter which is necessary to establish a sustainable democratic system, adding that this step requires the commitment of political forces and parties to refrain from using the military establishment to gain power, as has happened throughout history, stressing that the necessity of establishing a national, professional, and independent army and making deep reforms in the military institution that lead to a single army that reflects the diversity of Sudan and protects the democratic system.
According to Gen. Daglo the Third step is: Completion and stability of the democratic system requires the completion and building of peace in all parts of Sudan, as the next government must implement the Juba Agreement for Peace in Sudan, complete the peace process with the non-signatory movements, work for the return of the displaced and refugees to their home villages, and to address the land problems and the nomads’ issues.
He indicated that the Fourth step is: The completion and stability of democracy requires placing special importance on addressing the issue of eastern Sudan, which is linked to imbalances in development and political participation, adding that this treatment must be with the participation of all the social and political components in the East.
Gen. Daglo pointed out that the adherence to these steps will not only lead to the building democratic institutions, but also to the building of a democratic society, based on the principles of freedom, peace and justice, which are the principles on which the glorious December revolution was based.
He said that there are current challenges that necessitate urgent handling by the next government, which are the issues of the economy and the people’s livelihood, security and the rule of law, spreading and strengthening the coexistence and social peace and confronting hate speech, racism and regionalism.
The Vice – President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council has affirmed his firm personal and institutional commitment to the democratic transition and protection of the transitional period, according to what was agreed upon, until the elections.

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