Riyadh… the capital of summits

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By Iman Hammoud Al-Shammari, a Saudi journalist

I left China on the second of December, but it did not leave me. Chinese flags are spread in the streets surrounded by the flags of Arab countries fluttering in the streets of Riyadh, ready to receive His Excellency Chinese President Xi Jinping in the capital, Riyadh, who honored us with a visit that had a great impact on the domestic and international levels. This meeting, which He received a warm welcome that started from the sky before His Excellency the President’s plane landed, where his plane was accompanied by three Saudi fighters and planes from the Falcons air show team that painted the Chinese flag in the sky of the Kingdom, in addition to 21 artillery rounds at the airport. A solemn reception for the strategic ally of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia heralds a promising start between the two countries.

China is a country that brings us together with common perceptions, and this is what I personally noticed during my visit to China in terms of its interest in clean energy, industry and attracting large investments, as I found great similarities between China’s steps and the vision of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and this visit came to enhance this harmony of vision between the two countries to result in This is the exchange of common interests between the two countries, multiple partnerships and agreements and the deepening of relations between China, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab countries.

Three summits sponsored by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi, Gulf, and Arab, to achieve the concept of cooperation between China and the Middle East, and this indicates the Kingdom’s keenness to unite and unite the Arab ranks. And achieving the greatest Arab benefit, the most important thing that was highlighted was the development of a strategic plan for the Belt and Road Initiative, and the conclusion of a free trade agreement between the GCC countries and China to achieve economic recovery and trade exchange.

On the political side, a Saudi-Chinese statement was issued that included several points, the most prominent of which was that Saudi Arabia supports the one-China policy, and China condemns interference in Saudi Arabia’s internal affairs, in addition to giving priority to Saudi-Chinese relations in their foreign relations, and supporting each other to preserve its security and sovereignty.

A visit that resonated throughout the world resulted in very large political and economic gains, including the signing of agreements, governmental memorandums of understanding, and initiatives to deepen investment cooperation between the two countries. Certainly, the visit was not intended to constitute a threat to any Western side, as much as it was an affirmation of cooperation between two Arab and Chinese powers, whose impact may be reflected on the relationship of other countries with them!!

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