Zadna : we call on the European Union to review its decision to impose economic sanctions on Zadna International Investment Company Limited


Sudan is a rich land. Its fame in the land’s richness has only been preceded by the richness of its people. Throughout the ages, Sudan has only been known as the world’s food basket. Therefore, those who have decision-making power in Sudan must work hard towards investing everything that the land produces in order to repel world hunger first. And the well-being of the people of Sudan was later achieved. The result was Zadna International Investment Company Limited, which works in several investment fields, the most important of which is the field of agricultural investment, which is consistent with the world’s goals in achieving food security and sustainable development, especially since Sudan bears the responsibility of achieving food security by virtue of The nature of its land, its people, and its geographical location, in addition to investment projects that support this goal, the most important of which is establishing infrastructure that serves ease of production and marketing.
The very difficult and delicate circumstance that Sudan is going through has forced us at Zadna Company to try to continue working despite the difficult circumstances, because food is a need that cannot be postponed for one day,

so work continues despite the days of war to meet the food needs of the citizens of Sudan in the various states, and works within this production system. Thousands of employees ready to answer the call of humanity despite the scourges of war that affected Khartoum and a number of Sudanese states.
We at Zadna Company respect the international community and appreciate its decisions, because one of the tools for achieving success in achieving goals, especially global food security, necessarily requires cooperation with the world and openness to it in an unconditional manner. This has been clearly demonstrated during recent years in the activity of Zadna Company, which has been characterized by By presenting a number of initiatives, ideas and activities, which represent clear cooperation between Sudan and the international community to achieve global food security in a short time.
Based on the above mentioned importance of the role played by Zadna International Investment Company Limited, the nature of its work, its activities and its declared goals in achieving food self-sufficiency in Sudan and its attempt to work within the global system in working to alleviate hunger globally, we emphasize playing our role in a professional manner far from any agendas. A political party that serves a specific party rather than the people of Sudan in general, and that there is no goal or hidden role for a company that has contributed to the continuation of the war in Sudan. We have been harmed and we have lost lives and property and very precious time that could have been used to achieve the declared goals. We stress that the continuation of the war is a drain. This will affect Sudan’s resources and people to a large and harmful extent over the coming generations.
In the context of our previous history of respecting international relations and international conventions, we call on the European Union to review its decision to impose economic sanctions on Zadna International Investment Company Limited, and we are ready for any cooperation that can help in retracting this decision, which hinders the flow of Zadna International Investment Company Limited within its system. International action delays the achievement of desired goals.
The economic situation in Sudan does not tolerate such sanctions on companies that were able to establish an excellent investment base at a very critical time. This also makes it difficult for the company to continue providing its services to the states directly affected and not affected by the war, and this puts every person in Sudan in a position of need for food security. This is a heavy burden on the international community currently.
We reiterate our respect for all international conventions and covenants that seek to preserve human safety and dignity, and we affirm our absolute cooperation in achieving the goals of sustainable development.
We hope that the security situation in Sudan will stabilize and the bleeding of war will stop so that things will move smoothly towards health, food and education in Sudan, as the Sudanese deserve.

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