Call for registration: World Green Science Day


The climate crisis and environmental degradation are two of the most significant challenges facing humanity as a whole. These challenges will last for decades, but immediate action is needed to address them. Not only is it urgent to preserve ecosystems and the abundant Earth we know it to be, but It is for the sake of the human species’ survival.

The theme of World Green Science Day 2022, which will be held on December 9, is “Science for and with Society.” It emphasizes how the sciences are inclusive and equal and how they help important environmental goals. As we celebrate this International Day, we want to get the public involved in Open Sciences discussions about current science-related issues.

The Green Science Day will focus on important adaptations to mitigate the adverse effects of biodiversity loss, climate change, pollution, and water calamities on December 9th. The implementation of the Green Science DAY will bridge the gap between classroom instruction and actual practice.

Join us on 9 December for this virtual conference sharing knowledge and information about practical, on-the-ground stems that all of us can take to preserve the planet for the sake of ecosystems, for ourselves, and for future generations to come.


Who ought to take part:

– The scientific community includes universities and, in particular, departments involved in environmental sciences, biology, ecology, physical geography, botany, zoology, climatology, meteorology, and the management of natural resources.

– The educational community, particularly universities and schools, who are interested in converting their own buildings into places that are friendly to the environment.

– The general public, including young people who are concerned about resilience to climate change, biodiversity, and water management.

– Government ministries and agencies with a mandate and an interest in biodiversity, climate, the environment, pollution, and water.

When: 9th December, 20:00 Beijing time (GMT+8).

Where: online, the link will be sent after registration.

In representation of the Organizing Committee: Andean Road Countries for Science and Technology (ARCST).

To read the concept note and the agenda of the World Green Science Day 2022 click here.


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