Ethiopian Prime Minister arrives Sudan , helds talks with Sudanese Government

Ethiopian prime minister Abyia Ahmed arrived Khartoum capital of Sudan today in an official visit. He was recieved at Khartoum international Airport by the President of the Soverign Council, 1st Lt.Gen. Abdul Fatah Alburhan .
The visit to discuss the deep rooted bilateral relations between Sudan and Ethiopia and ways of developing and enhancing to serve interests of the people of the two countries and the area. Besides the current political developments in Sudan and the area.
President of the Soverign Council Alburhan and the Ethiopian prime minister held bilateral summit discussed the ties of the two countries .
On his part, Vice Predident of the Sovereign Council 1st Lt.Gen.Mohamed Hamdan Daglo welcomed the visit of the Ethiopian prime minister to Sudan affirming that relations of the two  countries deep-rooted and strategic according to strong ties ,and the mutual keeness to develop and emphasis it to serve the joint interests of the two countries. He affirmed importance of intensifying cooperation and joint coordination between the two sides in regional at the international levels ,addition to enhancing economic, commercial and investments to serve the interests of the two countries and the area.
He reviewed the current political developments in the country and efforts exerted regards to rye the framework agreement signed on 5th of December. He announced their commitment to implement the agreement to realize stability in the country .
He assured importance of cooperation between the agreement signatories to solve the political crisis and complete the Transitional period.
On his part, Ethiopian prime minister expressed his pleasure with the visit  to  Sudan , affirming the strong and historical relations between the two countries according to the neighborhood and mutual respect based on cooperation and joint coordination in all fields.
He affirmed his keeness to Sudan stability that considered as focal point to realize development and stability of the area due to great potentials of Sudan in all fields .
He pointed that Ethiopia is looking  for enhancing the bilateral cooperation in economic, commercial and investments. He assured that his country supports Sudanese efforts to find solutions to the political crisis in the country.
He called on importance of cooperation of Sudanese parts to support the national interests.
Regards to the peace process in Ethiopia, Abyi Ahmed reviewed the positive developments in his country followed signing the peace process .
The meeting was attended by ministers of Exterior, defence and Director of the General Intelligence , and the Sudanese , Charge d’affires  in Ethiopia for the Sudanese side.
On the Ethiopian side was ministers of defence and peace, interior, Advisor of the National security, Ethiopian Director of General Intelligence , minister of governmental communication , deputy minister of Exertior and the Ethiopian Ambassdor to Sudan.

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